Morning run with @joloizia (Jolo and Izia named in one. Haha)  #SaturdayJogging
Twinnie Friday with @marshymars1 👚👖☑️
Get well soon glove balloon for ninang from the ICU nurses since she’s back in her room this morning. Thank you Lord. Keep the prayers coming! 🙏
"Ilang gabi ako natulog na walang electric fan. Woooh! May hangin na!" 🐶👍😂 #LikeABoss #MayIlawNa #TapatSaElectricFan
One time selfie when stressed and overloaded. Hihi. #BadHairDay #NoCare #WrongSideOfTheBed #NoSuklay
Akala ko bukal sa loob nya ung pagpapapicture ko. Haha. Meet my gwapong pamangkin, Robi. (Tama ba? Haha) 👍 #TeamDuran #LahingDuran #Gwapings
Hiyaaaaaaaaa!!! Hahah @louie_lim #BagyoOnDuty #Repost from @extra_rai 

I had a good sleep becoz I was with you last night. When I woke up, I’m thankful bcoz it’s your voice I first heard, it makes me feel like you’re here again and lets me know you’re still mine. Thank you for your love, @jolobon ❤️❤️
What she does every morning: she wakes us up so we can bring her downstairs. #Mochalicios